Lake Havasu Jet Ski

Lake Havasu Jet Ski
my date took me on a jet ski on Lake Havasu?

I thought "Wow im in public and in one piece too!" I was so excited when all those spectators gathered and started cheering and applauding .. some even yelling "Free Willy!" I loved that nickname ... in any case the day I pulled the jet ski and got from the dock .... as soon as I got started making trouble ... watercraft began to go under like a submarine! My date thoughtful shouted "sinking Orca jumping you my job! Do not worry about being optimistic and butter all the extras in you! "Once I wondered rescued was being considered? Are all gay men as brave as him? I marry him? Yes I am a BBWs

Do not you have anything else better to do with their time then to express their hatred of BBWs online trolls?

IJSBA Jet Ski World Finals 2005 Lake Havasu City

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